The Problem

The art of preaching for many pastors can be pushed aside as job descriptions become
laden with other ministerial and management activities and the Pastor becomes Senior
Pastor.  Senior Pastors are generally expected to fulfill the roles of
  •        Chief of Staff (Administrator)
  • ·       Pastor to the Pastors (Minister)
  • ·       Human resource manager (Mentor)
  • ·       Chief executive officer, Visionary, and business executive (Overseer)
  • ·       Chief financial officer and fund raiser (Catalyst)
  • ·       All the while acting as the Secretary to the governing board.  

Competing time and energy demands of church management and the spiritual disciplines
required for able preaching and pastoring can create debilitating tension in the life of the
Senior Pastor.

The solution for the churches that can afford them, is to include an executive pastor in the
staff organization

The Solution

The job of an executive pastor is to oversee staff and the ministry areas of the local church,
to provide operational leadership, to focus on high level issues that need to be addressed
day-to-day, to provide both leadership and management expertise to drive issues and
opportunities forward, and to oversee the alignment of key energies toward the fulfillment of
the vision of the church.

According to
Dr David Fletcher the executive pastor serves as Administrator, Catalyst,
Mentor, Minister, and Overseer.

As Administrator the XP ensures that the church is running at full capacity, as is its
manager.  The Administrator creates policies for the staff and laity.  

As Catalyst the XP helps envision, start and empower new ministries.  The Catalyst
challenges people to volunteer for and to improve ministry and lights fires to get people
involved in ministry.  The Catalyst networks ministries together to leverage synergy by
creating strategic plans for the church.

As Mentor the XP is the human resource function in the church.  The Mentor supervises and
exhorts staff and evaluates job descriptions and performance.  The Mentor recruits, hires
and terminates staff.  The Mentor often runs staff meetings and retreats.        

As Minister the XP conducts weddings & funerals, counsels and disciples members,
teaches classes, creates small groups, and coordinates cases of church discipline with the
governing organization.        

As Overseer the XP ensures that the church is moving the right direction.  The Overseer
implements the policies of the governing board and approves the policies of the staff and
laity.  The Overseer monitors every ministry and manages ministry by delegated
Wish you could afford one of these?

... But there is just not enough money for another full time hire.  Why not "rent" one?

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