We will come in to your world, listen, and serve you as your
Executive Pastor in the areas of ..
  • Distributing Living Water ... A custom designed program of the specific tools needed by your
    congregation to move toward the Living Water offered by God

Leadership Development

  • Developing a hunger for revival in you, your leadership, and your church
  • Creation of a “church of small groups”
  • Developing an inclusive, accountable, servant-like, staff led board protected paradigm of
    ministry in your church culture
  • Developing an “involved” staff culture through caring and relationship building activities
  • Creating smooth leadership transitions

Leader Training

  • Production of seminars in strategic planning, teambuilding, and spiritual formation
  • Production of leadership development retreats

Ministry Development

  • Creation of effective preaching teams
  • Development of volunteer management systems
  • Organization of counseling centers
  • Help in fostering a total quality management outlook
  • Development of prayer ministries
  • Development of care ministries
  • Production of seminary-like training institutes
  • Creation of stand-alone, not-for-profit organizations

Management Development

  • Creative service design teams
  • Cell, community, and congregation systems
  • System development in accounting, control, information and human resource management
  1. Employee handbooks
  2. Financial management policies

Building Development

  • Building management teams
  1. Site development management
  2. Project management
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Architecture
  • Lay committees to supervise and manage the building program
  • Cash management systems to help minimize the building program finance costs and amount

Organizational Development

  • Mutual Ministry Review
  • Recruiting, hiring, training, and leading smooth running teams
  • Development of regionally located contract employees
  • Creation of effective, motivated, targeted volunteers and committees
  • Launching major program and capital development
  • Updating church governance and the constitution and bylaws


  • Ministry (strategic) plans
  • Master plans for development of church facilities
  • Short and long term budgets
  • Capital budgets

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