• The local pastor will be envisioned as customer of the program while recognizing the
    Kingdom as its benefactor

                      Benefit to the local church
  1. Releasing the dollar and volunteer time resources needed to do ministry by improving the
    spiritual health of congregants.
  2. Leverage the magnetism produced by spiritually healthy Believers to pull the un-churched in
    from the surrounding community.
  3. Provide pastors with the freedom to follow their own personal style as ministers in new
    activities that are parallel to the traditional ones of the church often closely held by the
                                The Toolbox

1. Ministry to the ministers (Engage the clergy)
It has been said that the local church is the hope of the world, and it’s future is in the hands of its
leaders.  While Distributing Living Water in no way downplays the importance of the leadership role
of the laity, it recognizes that, in reality, it is the clergy who must provide the strong, central,
consistent role in church leadership.

Yet, the life of the clergy in America is becoming increasingly more difficult in this post Christian
era.  Most of the traditional roles of the church, including hospital, community, haven of safety,
source of information, are no longer available for the clergy to lead.  Religion and the church have
become political issues as the separation between church and state continues to blur.  Those with
a perceived mission of harming the Church have leveraged scandal within the church.  Lives of
parishioners are becoming increasingly more complex in an era of seemingly unlimited information
and increasing complexity of life.  The resources needed to do ministry, money and volunteer time,
are becoming increasingly more difficult to find in an era where the spiritual tenor of congregants is

The most effective strategy of broad based renewal is to see it begin in the ranks of the Clergy.  
For this to happen they must have the opportunity to again drink deeply of the same Living Water
that provided their anointing to pursue ordination.

2. Community of Hope (Engage the post-moderns)
Community of Hope is a gathering of friendly post moderns interested in finding joy in a difficult
world.  These people believe in the existence of the Living Water but do not know how to find it.  
The Community is inter-denominational in style and informal in presence: modeled on the premise
that the Good News of Jesus Christ can provide real hope and tangible joy, regardless of the
difficulties of life, in a tumultuous world.  The goal of participants is to get to know, love, and walk
with the triune God: the Presence who is forgiving.

3. 40 Days of Purpose (Engage the laity)
Our laity have witnessed the impact of the Living Water, but in many cases not recently.  Rick
Warren in his book The Purpose Driven Life contends that a healthy, balanced church helps
develop changed lives in its laity – people who are driven by the five biblical purposes that God
designed for every human life.  Based on Warren’s book, 40 Days of Purpose is a transferable
biblical process, applicable in any culture, in any denomination, and in churches of any size or
shape.  40 Days of Purpose is designed to help congregations focus on the kingdom of God,
showing each member how to join God in God’s work throughout the world.  Participants read a
chapter each day from Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life, hear the issues preached
weekly in church, and participate in small group discussions.

4. Alpha (Engage the moderns)
Non-churched moderns for the most part are clueless about the Living Water; but face the same
pressures as the rest of us, pressures that often test a belief that they can solve their own
problems as they arise.  Alpha provides a 10-week opportunity to explore the validity and relevance
of the Christian faith to individual lives today.  Begun over 25 years ago at Holy Trinity Brompton
Church in London, it is a practical introduction to he basics of Christianity centered on a meal, a
talk, and a small group discussion.  Participants explore the meaning of life in a safe, fun, and non-
threatening atmosphere.
                             Statement of Work

1. Strategic planning – Select specific tools to be applied at the local church
2. Program development - Define specific milestones/dates for each program
3. Church briefings - Administer special briefings on expectations and program plans
4. Lay organizational development - Define lay leadership teams and Choose key volunteers
5. Key leader selection - Assemble a 5-7 member steering teams
6. Vision casting - Meet with the team for 12 sessions
7. Prayer initiatives - Involve the local church as a whole in praying for the program
8. Promotion - Create news ads, fliers, posters etc
9. Special events - Stage a community awareness event: concert, open house, etc
10. Administer the gatherings – Develop and manage event logistics
11. Follow-up - Train Small Group Hosts for follow-up studies
12. Develop healthy lay/clergy teams - Administer regular teambuilding activities in church

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Powerfilled Leadership
Harness the Power of Leadership in Ministry Development
Distributing Living Water
A custom designed program of church renewal
Harness the power
of leadership in
It has been said that the strongest argument for Christianity is Christians, when they are drawing
life from God.  The strongest argument against Christianity is Christians, when they become
exclusive, self-righteous, and complacent; people who are unfeeling, stiff, unapproachable, boringly
lifeless, obsessive, and dissatisfied.  The people of God in this era, lay and clergy alike, need
spiritual renewal.  Jesus said, “If you are thirsty, come to me!  If you believe in me, come and drink!  
For the Scriptures declare that ‘rivers of living water will flow out from within.’  (When he said ‘living
water’ he was speaking of the Spirit, who would be given to everyone believing in him.)”   

Distributing Living Water is
a toolbox of programs designed to position the current and future
congregants of any church for experience of spiritual renewal through provision of God’s Living
Water.  Each program is designed to renew and re-energize and is uniquely structured through
selection one or more of the tools based on needs of a specific church.

The American people are generally non-churched and represent a unique mix of socio-economic,
racial, political, and religious groupings, newly divided across all these natural lines into the modern
and post-modern worldview.  Within this set resides the churched population, largely in need of the
kind of revitalization of faith produced by spiritual growth.  Based on the assumption that the Good
News of Jesus Christ has the power to bring diverse people together, the present program is
designed to reach four key people groupings (non-churched moderns, non-churched post-
moderns, Christian laity, and Clergy) with the Living Water, and then to bring them together as part
of the local church.