Hello, I'm Bob Bremer, Founder of Powerfilled Leadership

Accredited by the Institute for
Independent Business

We help owners of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises reach the potential of
their business in terms of

  • Profitability and
  • The personal rewards that should come with entrepreneurship

We provide

  • Information
  • Practical assistance needed to help them lead change in all aspects of their companies
  • Practical advice that works

We coach individuals in spirit led leadership and interpersonal effectiveness

We then work together to install a Management Process that controls and
drives their

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Personnel
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Planning
  • Information Systems.

My resources include

  • 35 years of senior business management experience
  • A global network of fellow Associates of the Institute for Independent Business: an international
    accreditation body.
  • A heart for entrepreneurial leadership.  I know through my own experience that theirs is one of
    the toughest and loneliest positions in business.  I love to help them live more focused,
    balanced and healthier lives

We help business entrepreneurs accomplish the “greater things”  
through  the power of leadership
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Powerfilled Business Leadership
We help business entrepreneurs harness the power of the human spirit to lead
change in their enterprises via effective  management systems