Our Ministry

We want local churches to be Healthy:

  • A healthy Church is one with a rich history and a new dynamic approach.  A healthy
    Church prides itself in delivering safe and excellent programs for children and youth,
    and in the quality of its weekend experience for adults. A healthy Church is a church
    that is not afraid to change; where the level of commitment of its Committed is high.
  • Its mission is to help people experience God’s Love.
  • A healthy Church is determined that the gospel be preached, the lost be found, the
    believers be equipped, the poor be served, the lonely be enfolded into community,
    and God get the credit for it all.  A healthy Church sees itself as a local church
    delivering such ministry in a culturally relevant way to an ever-enlarging post-modern
    culture.  A healthy Church is a John 13:35 church that strives to be continuously
  • A healthy Church values worship, ministry, fellowship, mission, and discipling.
  • A healthy Church strives to be a church with relevant teaching, heartfelt worship,
    honest friendships, spiritual growth, and compassionate care for those in need.  
  • A healthy Church looks to a future where its surrounding community will be tending
    toward the spiritual over the rational, where mere words alone will be insufficient to
    convey truth.  In that environment A healthy Church will exhibit an Incarnational
    approach to ministry with a strong focus on biblical community … where Jesus Christ
    will be the answer.  A healthy Church will be a “do you need help” church.
  • A healthy Church is happy to have anyone come on over and check it out … and feel
    blessed to have had the visit.
  • In short, a healthy Church exhibits the kind of contagious Christianity that is truly
    magnetic and can influence and encourage the entire community, one life at a time.  

Therefore our
Philosophy of Ministry:

The Church down through the centuries has constantly struggled over its responsibility to
maintain the truth of the Gospel through its doctrine.  The Reformation placed the Bible
back into the hands of the common man, generating debate and diversity in doctrine
ranging from the liberalism of the Social Gospel, to the conservatism of Fundamentalism.  
The Bible calls us as individuals to be in unity with one another; but it also calls us to
liberty.   Jesus tells us that we will be known by the world, as we love one another.  The
Church is called to agree on the basics exclusively, allow for disagreement in non-
essentials inclusively, and evaluate our behavior when dealing with doctrine by the
yardstick of God's love for us.  

We believe the key to these issues can be found in our charge to love God and others, and
in a mission to be inclusive to pre-Christian people.

Rev. Bob Bremer

Bob is a successful businessman and leader with a lifetime involvement in ministry, who
chose to invest the last third of his professional career in the Church.  He has an interest in
church growth and renewal and a vision to bring to local evangelical churches the tools of
excellence in management and leadership for application with a pastor’s heart in a
postmodern world.

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