The Significance of Anointing in Determining
the Sacred Nature of the “New Apostolic” Church
Growth generated by reaching the unchurched is a product of a seeker  sensitive
ministry led by a gifted and anointed leader.
The contemporary mainstream traditional American church is in a period of numerical,
and some would suggest also spiritual, decline.  

The church growth school, a philosophy of evangelisticly focused ministry originating in
the thought of Missiologist Donald McGavran, has postulated a solution.  The principles of
the church growth school, when applied, produce a characteristically “new” kind of church
that is able to reach the unchurched; a church George Hunter in his book
Church For The
 calls the “apostolic” congregation.   Efforts by church planters and pastors
to apply the church growth concepts to ministry have produced what has been called a
modern day reformation in the American church.  The more traditional element of the
church is nervous concerning these efforts as it seeks to determine if the program
employed by this “New” wing of the church, and thus the movement itself, is secular or

In the present work we define a model of this “New Apostolic” church in terms of program
and leadership components described by George Hunter and others; while deriving its
roots from McGavran.  Such a model notes the role leadership plays in church growth, but
fails to develop principles with which to verify the presence and efficacy of such
leadership.  Secular literature notes the critical role of leadership in successful
enterprises, and attempts to define the “type” of effective leader.  Both models, however,
lack a clear description of the supernatural element in leadership -- God’s part.  Jesus
Christ grows the Church.  If a church is growing then something supernatural must be
going on.  

We develop a theology of the leadership component via examination of the supernatural
element, the Biblical concept of anointing.  We then apply the model to the program and
leadership of Orchard Hill Church of Franklin Park, Pennsylvania, a church growing by
reaching the unchurched.  It is suggested that future research continue to test the
completed model with other examples of leaders and their churches growing by reaching
the unchurched, until such time as the Church can make a final determination of the nature
of this its newest attempt at reform.

The subject of the present work is the nature and growth of the “New Apostolic” church.  
What is contended is that growth generated by reaching the unchurched is a product of a
seeker  sensitive ministry led by a gifted and anointed leader.  The seeker sensitive
ministry and gifted leadership are thoroughly enculturated and appear pragmatic and
secular-like, but the anointing is sacred.  The present work deals with church growth within
the context of the contemporary American church.  The case history developed falls within
the context of the professional socio-economic class of the “baby boomer” generation.

chapter #1 - FOUNDATIONS

Church Growth
Definition of Growth
Principles of Growth
A Reformation in the American Church
The demise of the church in America
The cultural environment of the church in America
A solution under fire: The seeker sensitive church
Contemporary concerns about the church growth movement
Is the church growth solution secular, or sacred?
Orchard Hill Church: a “New Apostolic” Church


Anointing: God’s Role in Church Growth
Why don’t all churches grow?
The call
The empowerment
Contemporary Concepts of Anointing
Anointing and spiritual gifts
Anointing as a whole self experience
Sacramental Anointing in Church History
Historical practice
Figurative concepts
Biblical Concepts of Anointing
The various kinds of Biblical anointing
Anointing and the gift of the Spirit
The Hebrew concept of Anointing
The Greek concept of Anointing
God’s anointed are effective


The Anointing of a Natural Leadership Type
A Natural Pauline style
A Self-actualized Nature
A willingness to pay the cost
Evidence of a Natural Humility
The Anointing of Spiritual Gifts
The Definition of spiritual gifts
Paul’s concept of spiritual gifts
The Contemporary Theology of spiritual gifts
The significance of spiritual gifts in church growth
The Anointing of Vision
Leaders of healthy and growing churches have a Vision
Secular vision
Biblical vision
The anointing of vision
The Anointing of Helpers
Evidences of the anointing of help
Paul’s co-laborers
Along with the call, God anoints the leader with help
The Anointing of a Burden for a Receptive People
Biblical Reference to Receptivity
Why men become Receptive
Church planting in a receptive community


The “Next” Church
The “New Apostolic” Church: a Church for the Un-churched
Small groups
Relevant Preaching
Disciple making
Control of Lay ministry

Call and Giftedness
The Call to Orchard Hill
The Anointing of Spiritual Gifts
The Anointing of a Burden for a Receptive People
The Field of Orchard Hill Typified by Franklin Park
Franklin Park Demographics
The People of Franklin Park are Receptive
The Anointing of Type
A self-actualized person
A Pauline style
The Anointing of “Vision”
The Territory
The Philosophy of ministry
A Picture of the Orchard Hill Ministry
The Anointing of Helpers

chapter #6 - CONCLUSIONS

Growth in the “New Apostolic” Church
Orchard Hill Church
The Role of Anointing in Church Growth
The church growth model
The “New Apostolic” Church
Secular, or Sacred?
A Thesis on church health
In the 'New Apostolic" church

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