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Powerfilled Leadership
Harness the Power of Leadership in Ministry Development
Mutual Ministry Review
Clarifying the expectations, responsibilities, and
effectiveness of church leadership
Harness the
power of
leadership in

What Participants are saying about MMR

Thanks to Bob’s leadership the program was kept upbeat & positive while at the
same time bringing out issues that need to be corrected or improved
 -- John

Very friendly…made us look at ourselves good or bad…very knowledgeable  --

Bob kept everything on track – he policed us well -- Dorothy

Your ability to move us in the right direction was great.  This was one of the best
reviews I've attended.  Thank you for your help
-- Betty

I appreciate and commend Bob on how he was able to get those present to relax,
participate and express their feelings openly, both positive and negative
-- Terry

As a new vestry member it was helpful for me to see where everyone was coming
-- V. Gonzalez

Well done!  Good and faithful consultant!!! -- Stuart