The Institute for Independent Business
                                               AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

1. To bring to independent business the most useful advice and timely ideas from
knowledgeable experts, academics and business innovators; to open doors to important
and profitable opportunities; to raise the professional standards of independent business
practice; to enhance the image of independent business and its advisers.
2. To advance the understanding of the workings of independent business by research in
relevant fields alone or in co-operation with other interested and competent bodies,
academic and commercial.
3. To provide research facilities pertaining to independent business for the benefit of and
use by other persons or bodies, academic and commercial.
4. To disseminate such findings and information as may be useful to the operators of
independent business by all means expedient, more particularly through training courses,
educational programs, conferences, journals and other publications or media.
5. To educate, train and generally support advisers to the independent business sector
such that the adviser may be accredited by the Institute at an appropriate level.
6. To raise funds for the purpose of financing such activities as may meet the objects of
the Institute by all means, including the charging of tuition fees, license fees, research
fees, subscription fees and such other charges, as may from time to time be appropriate.
7. To carry on any other business activities which may seem to the Institute capable of
being advantageously carried on in furtherance of the Institute's objectives.
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